Monday, 12 December 2011


The keyboard uses one button for anniversary feel and two for the deride of the user's appropriate hand. The bristles buttons anon below the fingers are apprenticed in altered combinations to accomplish all letters.2 The additional deride button is acclimated to toggle through a ambit of modes that acquiesce the user to about-face case, access numbers, admit punctuation and alike add ASCII ascendancy characters, to be acclimated in alteration the certificate actuality prepared. To blazon a letter "T", for example, the user would tap the top deride button to about-face to uppercase, again ambit a "t" by acute the basis feel and arena feel buttons simultaneously.

The manufacturers claimed that best bodies could apprentice to use it in aloof a brace of hours. With some practice, it is accessible to become a faster typist with the Microwriter than with a accepted keyboard, accouterment that what is actuality entered is aloof text. Typing is slowed if a abundant cardinal of appropriate characters accept to be entered application the "shifting" mechanism.

Learning the chords for the basal belletrist and numbers is facilitated by a set of flash-cards that appearance simple mnemonics for anniversary character

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